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Сustom Software Solutions


Software design & delivery

We have been envisioning, designing and delivering different software for our clients. We mix cutting edge thinking, practices and technologies with tried and tested approaches to give our clients the best product.


IT Consulting

We help our clients see their toughest challenges through a different lens. As consultants, we go deep to explore both the symptoms and the cause, and we drive out new possibilities for the future – both “inside” and “outside the box”.


Enterprise solutions

If you are looking to streamline and automate your business processes, we can offer you consultancy through a wide variety of solutions, from e-commerce, marketing, business-line applications, all the way to collaboration platforms and analytics.


Microsoft 365 solutions

Microsoft 365 system for business and communication digitization – development and integration with other user solutions and systems.

.NET Core & Framework
Azure services
Microsoft 365

Our Featured Projects

Project image

Web application

Web application for Solar Adria project

for Hrvoje Požar

  • Web CMS
  • Match making platform for owners of buildings (roofs) and investors in solar power plants
  • Solar power plant sizing calculator
    • ASP.NET /
    • Azure /
    • Elasticsearch /
    • Orchard Core /
    • React
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    Project image

    Web application

    US Hemp Market Aggregator

    for Hoodie Analytics USA

  • Analysis of data on industrial hemp stores
  • Creating an interface for searching databases by store location and by products themselves
  • Development of a "white label" platform for use by manufacturers and cannabis market stores
  • Stack: NextJS, MongoDB, Vercel
    • Next.js /
    • Node.js /
    • React
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    Project image

    Web platform

    Web platform for managing the association, members and donations

    for Voice of Entrepreneurs Association

  • Web CMS
  • Membership Management
  • Member portal / blog
  • Open source platform
    • ASP.NET /
    • Azure /
    • Orchard Core
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    Project image

    Web application

    Web application for searching documents

    for State Commission for Control of Public Procurement Procedures

  • Data scraping – going through historical documents
  • OCR & document tagging
  • Generating an unstructured database
  • Extraction and classification of data from text
  • Creation of an online search engine with the display of relevant old documents
    • ASP.NET /
    • Azure /
    • Elasticsearch /
    • Google Vision /
    • React
    Project image

    ERP/DMS system

    Altibiz ERP system

    for Helb

  • Modular ERP / DMS system:
  • Sales: calculations, offers
  • Project management and monitoring: Project planning of resources, integrated into the management of the main business processes
  • DMS – document management
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Collaboration and notifications
    • ASP.NET /
    • Azure /
    • Blazor /
    • Microsoft 365 /
    • SQL /
    • WinForms
    Project image

    Software customization

    Software customization service for EOR

  • Analysis of the Client's requirements and available technical documentation
  • Preparation of the development environment
  • Adjustment of existing PLC controller software
  • Development of the back-end part of the interface and service for remote connection of EOR devices via mobile communication channels
  • Code optimization and testing
  • Creation of the front-end part of the interface for monitoring and user support of all EOR devices
    • ASP.NET /
    • Azure /
    • Orchard Core /
    • SQL

    Our products

    Project management & collaboration

    1. Improve Operations and Profitability With a Solution Built for You
    2. Get Greater Visibility Across Your Projects
    3. Boost your team productivity with project related information
    4. Control document flow
    5. Manage future of your company
    6. Financial (income, expenses, purchase, sales) aspect
    7. Resources (employees, vehicles, tools, etc.)
    8. Deliver valuable insight into each project performance and it’s current state
    9. Your information and team accessible anytime anywhere on your collaboration platform
    10. Office 365 integration

    Document search & annotation

    1. Speeding up case solving process
    2. Reducing the possibility of an error while making decisions
    3. Nothing but a browser required (web interface)
    4. All users share (look at) the same view
    5. It's like having "google search" and "google docs" all-in-one
    6. A simple check of chronology of the history (practice) in a particular process
    7. Linking existing data with external documentation (such as photo, PDF, doc)
    8. Automatic annotation of external documents (digital analysis and tag assignment)
    9. Advanced search by derived terms (from original search term)
    10. SAS – fee monthly or annually
    11. Can be implemented as cloud or "on-premises" solution


    Who we are

    The core business activity of Altibiz Ltd. is computer programming and information engineering. The company was founded in April 2019 with the initial goal of developing, commercializing, and maintaining an ERP/DMS software solution for a specific end user. The scope of business includes the development and implementation of specialized software solutions primarily oriented towards companies in the energy sector.

    Company Vision: By 2027, Altibiz aims to become the leading regional producer that develops and implements business software designed for project management and the efficient and interconnected operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on the needs of the electro-energetic sector. This includes offering expert consulting services to address their specific challenges.

    Company Mission: In the development of business software and tools tailored to industry needs, we apply advanced information and communication technologies. We build long-term relationships with clients and partners. Our target clients are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the industry and energy sector, to whom we provide creative and technologically advanced solutions for project and business management through the development, implementation, and maintenance of these solutions. Our employees realize their professional potential through continuous education and improvement, a team spirit, and a competitive and innovative environment.

    The primary commercial product is the Altibiz ERP/DMS system. In addition to ERP/DMS, the company offers the following services:
    1. Microsoft 365 system for business and communication digitization – development and integration with other user solutions and systems
    2. Development of new software solutions for the energy sector, especially in the field of IoT, analytics, and large data processing
    3. Business intelligence solutions based on the Elastic and Microsoft platforms
    4. Specialized programming and online solution services